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vir·tu·os·i·ty - great skill in music or another artistic pursuit

  We'll be focusing on snatch and muscle ups for skills today. On snatch we will be pausing at the knee and mid thigh for sets of two reps. This helps reinforce the position and proper placement of the bar before it leaves the knee. If your going to do higher rep snatches in a WOD (like maybe Thursday) you want to have this position down. We have several pro/regressions for ring muscle ups. Once you can do strict pull ups and dips its time to progress to the muscle up. Power Cleans and Wallballs- Fast,fast ,fast. Not a lot to think about, this one is short and quick ( I just said that). If your'e looking at this like a heavy bit of hell adjust the weight to about 65% of a max power clean and get over your fear of wallballs. The first set of power cleans may take longer but each set should be a minute or less. Get in and out under 8 minutes