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Two girls for the price of one

The 'Girls" in CrossFit are bench mark WODs. Many  test some very fundamental time domains, movements and positions. It is pretty straight forward to to figure out modification on movement .You either can or cannot perform them to the defined standard or you can't. In a HSPU either your head touches the ground and arms extend while you are upside down or you done. What is often harder is position. Too many times we get caught up in being better rather than getting better ( a lot more to follow on this in weeks to come). Are we really getting better at the HS position by overextending our spine and slamming the crown of our skull into an abmat then kipping our way to victory so we can get and Rxed ribbon? Sometimes the times get even squishier ( I just made that a word) if you did Diane Rxed in over 5 minutes did you really hit the same energy systems as those who do it in 3minutes. The answer is NO. and you wont develop the abilities of the sub 3 minute people by suffering for 10 minutes. Time caps are meant to frame the cycle rate,pace  and speed of the work out. So what does that mean when it comes to scaling? If you can do the movements with out sacrificing good position and gym pride but your going to hit the cap option A say do it and see where you are at. Provided you can do a few rounds of the WOD this can be productive and give us an idea of how to fix things. If 5 minutes yields you 5 HSPU then Rxing it may not be the best use of your time. In walks scaling option B. Find movements that challenge the position ( you cant do the RXed Movement) in the desired time domain. For many this requires a healthy serving of humble pie. Eat it, it is the fuel of progress.