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This one will be fun. Less reps are good for those of us that become absolute headcases when the going gets tough, or whenever there are like 50 reps in a row of something. Three rounds, five reps of each movement. First up, deficit handstand push-ups. Fun fact: I recently was given the feedback that I should stop doing handstand push-ups on an ab-mat because as it turns out that 2 inches at the bottom of the movement is the most important... #oops. After you breeze through those or whatever, you move on to overhead squats. I'd say work with a weight that you can knock out 5 without stopping while still challenging yourself. Then you get into 5 burpee box jumps which. Actually looks like the most playful/light/breezy part of this workout, because you wrap it all up with 5 power snatches at the same weight you overhead squated. Shoulders so woke. Fit Club goin' up on a Tuesday.
*With WODs structured like this, I like to go a little easy (well for me this is like 99% since I am only ever capable of 0 or 100 but you get it) the first round through. I pick up my pace the second round and work toward the last round being the quickest. Take the full three minutes to recover.