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Tory Jones

Featured Athlete

Tory Jones Name:  Tory Jones Hometown: Minster, Ohio Occupation: Full time student - studying physical education How long have you done CrossFit:  I've been winging it for 2 years.  I just joined an official gym this month. Background/sports played:  Former Marine Corps machine gunner with two lovely deployments to Iraq.  I also played on a Marine Corps football team (we were garbage). Favorite lift/movement:  All of them...I thought we were going for broad fitness. Least favorite lift/movement: Handstand pushups...I will hate them less when I can do one. Favorite WOD:  G. I. Jane -  100 burpee pull-ups Least favorite WOD: Golda Fran - Same as Fran but with 135 on the bar, enhancing the suck. I like....long walks on the beach I eat....a steady diet of steak and beer. I do...sweat profusely when I work out. I am....Still sore from that damn squatting workout we did last Monday Something people would be surprised to know about you: I cannot touch my toes. Military Service: Rodger Dodger, a Cpl. and Fire Team Leader in the Marines. Deployed to Fallujah and Iraq twice.