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To be prepared is half the victory. Miguel de Cervantes

Tonight at 8 PM EST WOD 16.1 will be announced. CrossFitters all around the world will be a buzz about strategy and anticipated misery ( in a good way). The WOD will be the dumbest thing HQ could pick and it will be perfect all at the same time. Regardless of anyones opinion it won't be that bad. We'll find a way to organize everyone to get it done safely,effectively and with a lot of fun. Then we will move on. Some of you have stated goals that I am aware of and those people may be doing it over again but I don't endorse this for most people. It just ends up being a distraction from continued progress and seems to bring out the crazy. If your working out today we are going to retest our 1k time. You can pick your shot but I would recommend the first go be at a little longer warm up and the second be your best attempt. You will have an equal work to rest ratio unless you pick a really slow partner ( they are the best). During the skill session we will work on a cast of open gymnastics characters.