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Things that come easy don't shape us!

How do we score it? If you have asked this question you get a zero, you will receive no ribbons for this WOD and may the earth have mercy on your soul. I could come up with a way to score it but the WOD would get lost in accounting. The point is to get the work done,go hard , rest and recover, repeat. If you want a measurable try to track the total time it takes to complete all the work. It looks like the weather will be favorable to going outside so bring your shades and outside play clothes. Start off with 3 Power Snatches.135/95 or 70% of a good form PR. Touch and go or singles doesn't matter but go fast. Next Sprint 100m. Don't jog,SPRINT! Ease into the end of the sprint and do 4 Tall Box Jump Overs then Walk or Jog back.