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The winter will ask what you did all summer

From a programming standpoint we will be treating the next several months as the "off season" ( more later). Don't over think it, if  we didn't say it here many of you wouldn't notice a whole lot of difference. Incidentally if you have a specific event you would like to prepare for let us know. You can look forward to a little more class time fixing and building some skills and qualities that will prove valuable later on and will be fun now.  We will utilize this section to both explain the WOD but also the skills we will be working on. Muscle Ups- these are simply starting underthings and pulling and pushing yourself over them. The rings and bars may seem elusive for some but training on them ( with and with out assistance) has a lot of benefits. For those of you with MU we will be working on building the strict MU and adding more strength to the position. Muscle Ups Unicorns will be working with a partner and the rest of you will just be doing burpees, just kidding we have something for you too. Todays WOD is pretty straight forward. Climb and squat. You should make sure you are continuos on the rope climbs. 3-4 pulls to the top,come down under control and repeat then squat. Your breaks are while your partner is going. We are looking for roughly a 1:1 work to rest ration so wait for your partner to finish before you start a round.