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The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. Leo Tolstoy

Push Ups with release are an effective way to ensure you are working full range of motion (chest to deck). If you release efficiently you can also get a little extra punch in your pushing. Focus on pinching the scapulae and keeping the forearms perpendicular with the floor and drive/pressing through the heel of your hands. If scaling aim to perform the hardest skill accessible ( no knees) in a rep count that enables you to finish the reps in one to two quick sets The Snatch, These can be squat or power. Focus on catching the bar in a stable locked out position ( over head and maintaining and upright torso. If it starts looking like a wide grip kettlebell swing take a moment and reset. Toes to bar. Your grip should be a bit narrower than the snatch. You can chose the drive your knees and kick your toes or maintain straight legs. Either way keep a good shoulder position with the scaps retracted and head neutral.