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The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

This is an open WOD from 2014. If you did it back then look up your score. It's always fun to see how you have improved or kick yourself in the ass to get moving. Just remember you aren't defined by this its just on indicator of fitness. This can be a grip killer. I would recommend for most to do the higher rep C&J's as singles. Keep moving but cycling the barbell could wear your grip out. It is a short time domain so fight the urge to stop. Go out fast but not all out, hold on and try and push toward the last few minutes. After the WOD we'll be working on strict muscle ups. If you don't have them you won't get them with out deliberate, consistent focus and work. November 14th we will also be hosting a two hour muscle up clinic. We will be working on all our drills and follow up with some homework and extra credit drills to maintain your progress. Additionally we will be have follow up session once a week to make sure your progressing. If you can do a chest to bar pull up you can do a muscle up but you are going to need to CONSISTENTLY work at it with proven drills. We'll explain it all but you have to be there. Send us and email at to get all set up.