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The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way. - Marcellus Aurelius

Set this up to be a good hard 3-4 minute effort followed by 3 minutes rest. The wall ball should be one unbroken set. The targets on the wall are temporary ( preparing for the open can be difficult after a move). The weather is set to be great, let's celebrate with some 15o meter sprints outside. We will do a 75meter out and back. We will spend some time prepping your snatch but we want these to be a nice technical ,catch in the bottom, squat snatch, adjust weights accordingly. You can do singles or touch and go but make sure the catch in the bottom is sound. Finish with a nice set of muscle ups. Again  the goal is to finish in 3-4 minutes. If you are staring at the rings or bar after 4 minutes make some adjustments. Below is a scaled version that will still be a bit of a challenge.

Four Rounds

20reps /:45-:60-Wallball - height and weight to go unbroken

150 m/:45-:60 Sprint

10/:45-:60 Squat Snatch or PS to OHS-65% 1 rm

10- Dips