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“The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes.” ~ Tony Blair

Deadlifting is pretty simple. Grab a dead weight and lift it up. It's a simple lift with a lot going on. There is no need to over think it but it is too easy to count a lift as good when there are still a lot of adjustments to make. This is our second week with the sumo deadlift ( and second day in a row with out lunges) stay focused on good back and set up position and lift speed, the weight will come once you start to learn the lift.  we will finish up with some hand stand walk practice then WOD We had fun with this format at the Masters Comp WOD Sunday. It is not a partner WOD but it's easiest if you partner up with someone you can share a bar with.  You will do a total of ten 90 second AMRAPS with 30 seconds rest. You will alternate odd and even rounds between the snatch complex and rowing for cals. The work periods are short and there is build in rest so keep moving the entire time. Avoid the wide grip kettlebell swing. These are supposed to be power snatches, get under the bar and stand. The OHS may be the limiter. Hold on after the last PS and go right into them, maintain good position, if you can't drop and recover. You can make up for any lost time on the rower.