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Start early and begin raising the bar throughout the day. Caitlyn Jenner

Over the next few days we are going to be trying out many of the Regional WODs. This will be kinda like the open but likely with a lot more scaling, so don't get intimidated by the skill level it's exercise we can always find a way to include everyone, get better and have some fun. I really like the regional programming. It's creative, challenging and is going to push people to be very skilled and very strong. Lets start with this version of Nate. The original version is a great WOD/format to test your muscle up if you are just getting the hang of them. The new regionals version isn't really an accessible one for most but it does illustrate the importance of strength and mechanics before intensity. Kipping enables you to move faster and generate more power with the entire body but if you always default to it you aren't going to progress to high level skills. Gymnastics is an incredibly powerful tool to develop strength and stability in joint but you have to be patient with it. In order to be competitive under the time cap athletes are going to need to move under 2 minutes per round. ¬†Lets approach it like this and find reps and/or skill progressions you can use to move at that rate. Below are some progressions that may work well for the WOD: Strict Muscle Ups > Muscle Ups > ¬†Muscle Up Transitions > Dips >Shoot Thrus Strict Handstand Push Ups > HSPU-Kipping > Hand Stand Hold > Push ups KB Snatch > DB Snatch > KB Swing Choose the skill progression and rep scheme that best allows you to continually perform a round every two minutes or faster. If you are heavily relying on kipping make sure to add in some extra gymnastics strength work after the class.