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Sometimes you have to fight for it. 

In CrossFit, just like in life, shit can get real–fast. There's no better example of that than Fight Gone Bad. This is one of those wods where working out with a little anger might actually help. Some people will go into that seldom used place in your head where you simply refuse to stop. If you've got that gear, go for it. This workout is a mental test as much as a physical one. Remember, it's meant to be hard–but it's meant to be hard for you. Work with your coach to find an appropriate scale for loads and movements, but not the time domain. Try hard to find a challenging movement and load that you can do for one minute. DONT CHEAT THE SYSTEM. Transitions are just that...transitions. You don't need 20 seconds to go from snatches to box jumps. Move with urgency to each station and start the work.   -- Courtesy of The CrossFit Journal, 2011 "Fight Gone Bad—famed mixed martial artist B.J. Penn named it. CrossFitters both love and fear it. The workout, a benchmark in the CrossFit community, was designed to match the metabolic demands of an organized MMA fight. Five minutes on, 1 minute off for 3-5 rounds. Sounds simple enough. Sure. Words such as “brutal” or “savage”—and assorted others—come to mind when describing just how taxing this workout is. Penn, when quizzed on how it compared to an actual bout in the cage, commented that it was akin to a fight gone bad. The rest, as they say, is history." Fight Gone Bad