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So you want to be a good presser.

Ok so maybe you don't care about being a good presser but you should it will give you the ability to support yourself in a handstand, do push ups, absorb force with your hands, stiff arm people or punch them ( depends on the lease), throw a shot put, shake the hand of a sasquatch  or push a lawn mower like a barbarian. The list is actually longer but you get my point and if you want to be able to do all those things you need to first be able to do B)Press from you core ( trainer says "core"  take two drinks) and A) Pull with your lats. Yes I said pressing was B as in secondary to A. I would say your pulling strength /capacity is twice as important in performance as your pressing strength. We'll be working on Push Presses and following them up with some false grip ring rows. There are like 5 gazilion blogs on pressing, ignore those and just listen to your coach but listen to this for ring rows.

It pulls through its pinky to its ribs and  it squeezes its shoulder blades

Learn to do this and translate it to your pulling movements and the set up position for your pressing and now you will be a good presser. Along the way you will also  have shoulder integrity as well as be able to punch holes in walls and rip the arm off a yeti. We will start to accomplish this with some sets of 7 perfect false grip ring rows (when they get really good we'll try these) and  mix them  with push presses. Do them like her and you will be perfect.

Oh yeah the WOD, go all out on the runs, don't break the push jerks ( jerk it don't push it) and don't wast time hitting up the rope or doing chin ups.