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Sumo Deadlift same as last week but this week we will be aiming at lifting heavier load. Still maintain good speed and position but now we also want you to start lifting heavier weights. Lets see what you can pull. Following the lifts we'll spend some time on Strict HSPUs and pistols. I suppose you could kip the pistols but I'm not sure what the point is. Pistols are great for developing single leg strength and stability. They can also make your knees really sore. Especially if you bounce out of the bottom. So don't do that. Find a progression you can work under control and stay diligent. Supefreaks of ankle mobility can try to add weight but you still shouldn't bounce. Heres a little secret a little bit of weight ( 15-35#) may actually make them easier. WTF is a dumbbell burpee deadlift. Thats what a class and coaches are for. Don't worry you won't need special shoes, shin pads, grips,tape, but pad or a rope. You'll be fine