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Waste enough time on the internet and you will find all kinds of trendy articles and advertorials on what the best fitness program is. Few of them will offer a definition of what fitness means and of the supposed academic or scientific associations none will offer a definition that offers anything measurable ( not very sciency). Now before all you keyboard experts start citing fraudulant studies and facebook polls parading as science lets all agree to -think for YOURselves and work on defining a personal definition of what it means for YOU to be healthy and fit enough to use YOUR human machine to live YOUR life the way YOU want to. Despite my chosen profession I give zero fucks what you do as long as it does not involve internetwhining. Enjoy your life, its yours not mine but this is a avenue for opinions so over the next few weeks I will share mine on common programs I see:

What you can measure you can manage. Lets just say health and wellness can be general, one must be healthy and well in order to pursue fitness, if you just had a heart attack testing your 1 rep max or mile time isn’t very useful. Fitness however, is specific based on personal goals. One can be generally fitter than another, meaning they can take on a wider variety of physical tasks than another ( a decathalete can throw farther than a sprinter but not a thrower and they can sprint faster than a thrower but not as fast as a sprinter). All of these athletes have different goals and are fit relative to their goal. Most of you (99.9%) are not olympians but your general fitness needs don’t differ in type just in degree. Beware of any program that claims to be the magic bullet ,shape or tone you or solve all your problems. These should be the first indicator of Bullshit. Just about anything harder than what you are doing works for a time but in time not everything works.

Running/Endurance-LSD I’m sure Dr Timothy Leary had some outstanding ideas on fitness but I’m talking about Long Slow Distance.  The general industry recommendation is 150 minutes of moderate intensity endurance work a week. They measure intensity  as a percentage of max heart rate.

Myth- this is the “zone” you will burn the highest percentage of fat. Be careful of the numbers here as they don’t really add up. Lets suppose calories really are an effective measure of exercise and you burn a higher percentage of your total calories from fat with LSD work. Saying this is better compared to higher intensity work is like saying have 50% of my net worth is better than having .5% of Bill Gates. This is a load of Bullshit, you can have HR monitors and fit bits but if you don’t regularly go hard enough to make you have to stop ,your not getting that much done. If burning calories from fat is your goal then running is fine just do it fast.

Strength- LSD helps build the capacity to move relativley slowly over a long period of time. This may be useful in your first marathon, races or evading really slow things ( Walking Dead Zombies,giant tortoise, starfish or small children). Even if your life isn't in danger low intensity exercise its great to enjoy the Not-Polar Vortex or clearing your head (unless you actually took LSD, then, I don’t know maybe its cool) Weakness - You will develop the capacity to move slowly over a long period of time and in the process all the adaptations that support that aren’t so awesome. Plan on some overuse injuries to the feet,ankles and knees. If running is your thing  too many miles may inhibit your ability to touch your toes. Balance it out with mobility and strength work  and focus more on intervals and sprinting . This will help keep you injury free avoid faster things (three legged dogs, World war Z zombies, larger children) What I’m NOT Saying Im not saying stop running ,biking and swimminng over a long slow distance just mix it up. Mix in some strength, sprint and mobility work. Try something different than more slow miles. Just try it if everything doesnt work you can write an article on the internet and tell everyone I’m wrong and you have the new great program to help everyone grow butterfly wings and ride the magic unicorn over the fitness rainbow to the valley of participation ribbons and fitness dreams.