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Row,row, row your erg

Can I get and A for effort for coaches not names this week?  Running and rowing are two of the most underrated  skills in fitness. I remember the first time I ran with a real runner. Playing soccer and wrestling growing up I had run many miles in my life and at the time thought I was pretty good at it. I had finished firstish in many sprints and distance runs and my mom told me I was a good runner ( and special). My buddy ran track at OSU, a bit removed from his racing days he asked me to go on a run. after about a mile I felt like we were both doing completely different things. Push a little further and I learned there are a lot of different details to running well and even more to running really well. I had the same experience my first time on a rower. Put feet  in straps ,pull handle, go faster. I was tired ,felt pretty good and my mom still thought I was special. Then someone with some experience (Olympics) got on and I learned that I was wrong and my mom was clearly a liar. Were going to partner up pre wod and spend a good bit of time on rowing technique and drills. Little things can go along way in helping you enjoy and perform the skill better and give you a few more things to impress the family with over the holidays. Here is one of the most exciting videos you have ever seen on a rower and some common errors