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Remember to play after every storm.

You just did Super Fran and or PRd regular Fran. You guys have been pushing (and being pushed really hard). You are fucking awesome and you rule the world. It's time to take a break and see what you can do in a real ever-changing world. What if the thing you grab and pull on isn't perfectly grip able, what if the ground slips. What if there isn't really a score just some fun. What can you really do with all that you have built? One of the things that drew us to CrossFit was being prepared for the unknown and unknowable. We pursued all this with out knowing the wod, with out special gear ( which is awesome) we didn't have magic shoes made for rope climbs and squatting. We had skateboard shoes that seemed to suck less at most things accept running, everything sucks at running even running sucks at running. We ran through traffic , had fun and nobody died ( accept the one guy, totally his fault). We carried bricks I stole from a construction site, no gloves. True story. We will start every class in the gym, warm up then move to the O - Course. We will be flipping tires and running the obstacle course. Bring proper gear and/or a good attitude But it's raining/rained/muddy- Yes, this is Ohio and that statement is usually true but what else do you want to do wait for a perfect day. You won't get one and it doesn't matter any more than if the daily WOD is exactly what you need or hoped for.  If going outside isn't what's best we will adjust ( just like everything else). We could get on the climbing wall make an obstacle course inside. We will move smart and hard, get sweaty and have a good time.