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“Remember this: your body is your slave; it works for you.” – Jack LaLanne

We'll be focusing on lunges over the next strength cycle. Outside of  CrossFit most sports take place in a lunging stance. Developing single leg strength can help even out imbalances and improve  squat stance movements. Back Rack, Back Step Lunges ( BRBSL) win the prize for longest exercise name (SDLHP was disqualified for being dumb). Walk out of the rack like a back squat and step back until your back knee barley touches the ground. Your front leg should have your knee lined up with your toe , drive up out of you front heel, pulling with your butt and hamstring. Keep your reps fluid ( don't bang knees on ground and stand up smoothly) Go as heavy as you can handle for 7 reps with perfect technique Rope Climbs- grab rope and climb up. If you can't do that we will work on rope holds and hanging in good position. Five push jerks at a heavyish weight. If the RXed weight is a little heavy ( can't cleanly go unbroken) adjust to about 75% of a max push jerk. Conversely if 75% is a little heavier than Rxed adjust the weight.  Four Muscle Ups should move quickly, make sure to hit them clean at the top ( full lock out before descending). If you can't do muscle ups then sub with 12 pull ups. Finish each round with 60 double unders.