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This WOD has three scoring section back to back to back. Start off with the first 15 minute block of HSPU,Pull ups and Wallballs. The HSPU should be from a deficit or strict, preferably both. Cycle through the triplet as many times as possible and immediatly go into the 2 minute double under test. The clock won't reset its just going to go right into the two minute period. At the conclusion of the two minutes a three minute clock will start. You will have the entire three minutes to score a max snatch.  We will spend some time helping you figure this out in the warm up and trying to set your technique up. You should have time for 2-3 good attempts. Start off with a safe one. You want the first lift to count and act as a good rehearsal for the next few. This is indicative of the type of WODs we will see in the open. Don't game one section to try and save gas for the next. Every rep matters.