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Racing takes everything you've got-intellectually,emotionally, physically- and then you have to find that ten percent more and use that too. - Janet Guthrie

Janet Guthrie was a race car driver. She was an aerospace engineer and the first woman to race in the Indianapolis 500. She works very hard and did some amazing things but she never competed in the open. Life and death , 100mph around an oval wrong move and your dead. Pretty cool but its not CrossFit and CrossFit shouldn't feel like that either. The Open is great time to step up and see what you can do, make a plan and do you best. Sometimes the best you have that day is not the best you can do, sometimes by a lot of reps and sometimes by only a few. Doing better is always possible but truly getting better takes time. It take a little bit more time than the weekend. So if you catch yourself pouring a lot of emotional and physical energy into getting a few more reps just make sure you put as much time into  the offseason ensuring you don't find yourself scrambling for more reps or a the same skill in a year.