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Puppies, Kittens and PRs!

That's what last week was about right? What kind of shoes do you need for PKPR? I don't really know much about puppies and kittens but we did pretty well on PRs last week. Last week we tested max strength with the Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift and had very favorable results. "Oh, you did a strength cycle" - Insert blank stare. Generally speaking we are always working on strength of many types. For the past sixteen weeks we have focused on eccentric,concentric and isometric strength and it was very successful for all levels of athlete. This was clearly very good so we should do more of it.  Kinda but not just now. For now we are going to retest some open WODs.The focus this week will be on performance during the WOD. We will warm up and WOD first. Next week we'll mix the fun up a bit, eat a bunch of food, remember all the things we are thankful for ( puppies,kittens,strength,work capacity, more turkey...) and get back to the work getting stronger, fitter and enjoying our life.