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Practice puts brains in your muscles- Sam Snead

One of the great things about CrossFit is the constant variety of movements,times, reps ,weights, positions. The variety keeps it interesting and helps prepare and expose you to a multitude of movements and scenarios. The best way to get better at somethings is repeated practice. Mastering the mundane. Consistent practice and sound mechanics are the cornerstone of skill development. Variety is interesting and productive so are the most basic. It doesn't get much more simple than deadlifts and burpees. Pick something up then fall down and jump up as fast as you can. Simple and effective. We'll mix in some variety to our skills session with some incline bench press and new ring skills. We have been playing around with this for a few weeks and will keep doing so in this format. Once we get it down a bit we'll see what happens with it in a WOD