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Partner Day and WOD for Autism

I know, normally Thursday is a rest day and you soo love partner WODs and life is soo unfair. Welcome to adulthood. But there is still hope. In an attempt to add some fun to Thursdays and give you another partner option we are making Thursday's programming for the next few monthes partner or team WODs. Thursday classes will still involve a skill session and you do not need to come with a partner. We can help you make a real or imaginary friend to get through the WOD. We're going to kick this whole thing off with some WOD chaos. You will have a partner and 100 reps of the three movements. Get all that work done as fast as possible with only one athlete working at a time. You can do them in any combo, set or rep combination you think of. For fun write stuff that works on the whiteboard, we may use it or a version of it next time. Rowing for Cals means we are after speed and power output not distance or survival. I would split it up so each partner moves for around a minute Burpees just suck. Sorry but they are effective but they have pretty much the same purpose as the row with a different movement. Dumbbell Ground to Overhead. These are to be done with two dumbbells. These are awkward at first but after a few reps you will get the hang of it. The head of each dumbbell touches the ground and stops with arms at full extension over head. This can be like a two handed snatch or clean and jerk. For skills and thrills we will be working on some muscle ups and progressions Following every class WOD we will be doing Luke . Luke is a WOD for lift up Autism. This is a fundraising event to help bring awareness to the impact of autism on families and individuals.  You are welcome to do the work out even if you are not signed up online. If you want to go back and donate please do it here

AMRAP 5 Minutes

4 Power Cleans: 155/105

24 Double Unders

10 Pull-Ups