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On what he learned living in a truck- "Going in and being uncomfortable and learning how to be happy and just keep going with whatever you have in front of you. - Daniel Dennis 2016 US Olympic Wrestling team member

What are we really doing here. In the name of fun, fitness and some personal growth we are embracing some discomfort. Relative to a lot of situations our lives are pretty easy. How do I know, because you didn't end up here fleeing for your life or searching for food. Our lives are good and we all likely realize that living in a truck isn't quite what we need ( if your want to there are plenty of spots behind the gym to embrace cold and discomfort) The skills and reps are pretty simple today but there are still plenty to make you uncomfortable. When that happens don't worry about what is past or future focus on the moment and smile. don't worry about your overhead position or your midline just keep pushing and enjoy the moment. Smiling and exercise its like going double fisted with endorphins.