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November, 24th 2015

If instead of running we row, and instead of swinging we burpee, and instead of pulling up we thruster, we have Neleh. You can figure it out or just do the WOD. This is a Helen like remix. The timing should be similar ( maybe a hair longer) except its probably gonna hurt in a "my heart is going to explode" kinda way. This was posted on a few weeks ago along with a few other rowing then try this WODs. I think somebody is trying to tell us something. This is a fast work out, so if you look up half way through and it's been 10 minutes you scaled or didn't scale it right. Each round should take no longer that 4 minutes. No longer than 15 minutes, your in for a doozy Wednesday so follow directions. For skills we are going to be working on kettlebell clean and jerks, singles and doubles. These are simple and effective movements we don't do enough of. In general the skill gets botched so we have shied away. Hide your KB shame no more it's time to do some learnin. Most of you grab a KB and clean it with much the same motion as your barbell clean , no, no my friend. It should actually be more of a swing like hip hinge that ends in the rack. Keep your shoulders set, elbows tucked and catch it nice and smooth then jerk it like you would most things. Its a little easier to start in the rack position. Let the weight fall down with the thumb tracing the sternum, as your arm extends load the hips and reverse. Still confused, that's what coaches are for, pack your bags go to bed and we'll see you at the gym to figure it all out.