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This is two 8 minute blocks with plenty of time to "fully" recover. We will warm up all the positions, load up and go with round one. Push hard on the first block and try to meet or beat it the second time around. This doesn't mean to go out two fast to start just aim for two good consistent efforts. The most important thing in this WOD and arguable all work outs is maintaining midline stability. The positions are all similar but require little adjustments to maintain good alignment. The deadlifts are light but still set up properly. Snatch or clean grip are acceptable. Yes you should squat on the snatches but you do not have to. The first half gets broken up with some burpees. These are the lateral over the bar kind. Next is Push jerks, you should clean it but a reverse curl or telekinesis are also permissible options just make sure you get set up in a good rack position as it will help the next few lifts. After the jerks come squats and hang squat cleans. The reps are small so plan on adjusting the load to go unbroken. Good times, good liven!