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New Year,New Toys, Same Deal.

Is everybody having fun with the assault bikes. I have been wanting to get enough to really utilize in classes for a while and I'm glad we could finally do it.  Air Bikes are great raw conditioning tools, no complicated skills or ranges of motion just straight work. They are simple,brutal and effective. We will be using them in class a few times a week in WODs and in warm ups. Like the rowers they can give a lot of useful health and fitness data ( calories,distance,watts,rpm,heart rate) . We will be working to learn as much as we can about all the different methods. To start with we are going to focus on calories. This isn't neccesarily an accurate measure of the calories burned but it gives us a good standard for sprints and they equate nicely to reps. When you see cals on either the bike or rower we mean sprint. The wall you hit may blow you up for the rest of the wod but that is ok. This is training to get better at life not a daily measure of your self worth. Hit the wall now and you will keep pushing it further out.These bikes can be very effective toward all your goals, dont shy away from them.