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Movement mastery

Stronger/lifting more weight solves a whole lot of problems in the athletic (and real) world. Sometimes it's more important to learn HOW to lift more rather than just get stronger. This is where technique work really pays off. What if you could lift all you are capable of? Technique is especially important as athletes age. Bad lifts take a bigger toll on the body and max strength is often developed a little more in mature athletes. Nowhere in CrossFit is the pursuit of perfect technique ( it is a little different for every body) more important toward long term health and progress than the olympic lifts ( Snatch and C&J) and ring and handstand work.  For this reason we will spend a bigger chunk of time on our technical lifting and gymnasting. Laying the ground work and expectation of perfect movement leads to technical strength (skill) and a greater potential to apply the general strength and capacity in competition. Wanna do muscle ups on day two or three, then your technique better be solid because if it isn't they won't be there. 12-12:15 Big kid warm up ( if you have questions or want help ask but you're a big kid you can warm up on your own) 12:15-1:15 Olympic lifting practice. Specific skills and drills will vary slighty for each lifter #snowflakemethod. 1:15-1:35  Ring work-Muscle Up Complex ( bring your ringwork shoes) 1:35-2:00 WOD & Accessory