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Move Progress & Holiday Schedule

Before I get in to some move/project updates and the holiday schedule I would like to thank everyone for your patience, support and help moving everything and help getting our new home organized. Our schedule for the rest of the week is the same with the few exceptions below. Thursday- Closed, eat some food Friday- 9AM,12 ,4:30 & 5:30 Classes only Moving Update. We are officially moved. We still have stuff at the old space and a lot of it will be moved. Here's a run down of what is to come. Vestibule - We have to put up the wall and additional door. This will keep the cold out and stop winter breezes from chilling your warm up. We are also going to be framing in janitors area to hide all that stuff.  Just outside the new wall will be the water cooler until then there is high quality tap water and bottle water for sale. This should be done in a week. Bathroom & Shower- It needs painted and fixed up, this is not urgent but getting the shower running will happen soon. Once it's running we will build it out. Lockers- We need to cut some plywood, secure them to the wall and fix a few locks. Once this is done we will reissue the new ones and put the old ones on a schedule for reissue. This is important but it is not our most urgent project, if anyone wants to help with this they can have a locker. Changing rooms & offices- These will be framed and drywalled changing rooms that will eventually have plumbing. This will take a bit more effort than the tin shed we are upgrading from. We may need a few bodies to carry some materials or assist with the framing. More to come as this develops. Decaratory activities - The flags are going up now and we are working on signage, some banners and some wall ball target ideas. Stay tuned. Platforms and racks- These are coming together and should be finished by end of next week Rig- This is still a work in progress, more info coming when I have it.