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So you've got four rounds of 3-minute AMRAPs. These will go quick, so bust your ass because you also have three minutes to rest between each round. Choose a weight for the front squats that you can move through with some consistency, in that you're not pausing up top for 10 seconds mentally preparing for your descent, but also, it's only 3 squats, keep it moving. You have to clean the bar every set so, prepare accordingly, fam.
So strict pull-ups come next, I'd suggest setting yourself up for strict rows if you're not confident about 6 strict pull-ups, controlled body movements being key here. Kip if you want to, but so you know, no one is going home with a medal.
Finally, double hand release push-ups. I had to Google these. They look pretty awful. I have nothing to say about them.
Don't cheat yourself on the rests. Take the full time to recover and aim for consistency with how many rounds you can move through in each of the 3-minute blocks. See if you can do just as many or more in that last round as you did in the first.