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"May the 4th be with you"

Two low rep seven minute AMRAPs. The goal is to move unbroken and deliberately from one movement to the next. If you can not do the first few rounds UB you will need to back off weight or reps. Rope Climbs -you can use a footbrake or go legless, alternating between the two is also a goo strategy. As an added challenge try to touch and go. Meaning after your first climb descend and briefly touch the ground and continue upward Push Press - Focus on maintaining a good rack position and drive through the heels. If you are coming up on your toes there is a good chance the weight is in front of you and you are leaning forward. Rest - Focus on relaxing, calming your heart rate and breathing. Getting the most recovery possible in 3 minutes. Power Clean- Purpose of the PC Dynamic Push Up- The hips may not touch the ground. Chest to deck, explode and catch