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June Gym Challenge

We did really great on our April and May goals. People made big steps forward at every skill and fitness level. This doesn't happen by accident. It happens when dedicated people set their mind to something and consistently work toward it. Congratulations. Now it's time to keep working toward some of your longer ranging goals and establish some new ones for June and July. If you would like some help from any of the coaches to come up with a some good goals please ask. We can be pretty helpful at finding a few skills and drills that can give you the biggest bang for your buck. Consistent effort is one of the most critical elements in accomplishing anything. You can have skill, ability, a great plan  even luck but with out consistent behaviors toward what you value you aren't really going to get any where. At least no where you value. I started to notice in April that acrossed the board classes were getting off schedule. Sometimes by only a few minutes but late and or long non the less. I'm sorry, this isn't good enough. There are always reasons but reasons in this case are just excuses we use to justify missing the standard. Growing up I learned that if your late for an appointment it shows the person you don't respect them. Simple standard. I am not blaming anyone else, it starts with the coaches and I. So for May if a class started late for any reason we did 10 burpees for every minute we were late. If anyone missed the mark please send me a message and let me know. I think we did pretty well and now classes are starting on time. Now for June we are turning the challenge on the whole gym. Classes will start on time, every time, no excuses. This is the coaches responsibility . Your responsibility is to be on the black mat ready to warm up on time, every time. No excuses. If this doesn't happen each late athlete will do 5 burpees for every minute they are late. We aren't trying to be assholes about this or call anyone out this is just going to be the way it is. It won't kill you it will only make you fitter and probably more accountable, these are good things. So what constitutes late? Class starts at the scheduled time, if your in the bathroom,on the phone, putting on shoes  or running late to the gym you are late. It is that simple. Class starts with the class warm up. It may be some mobility, movement prep of some light cardio but when  the warm up starts ,class starts anything after that is late. End of discussion. If you are unable to join class exactly on time all you need to do if talk to the coach. DO NOT JUST JOIN IN. I know this is going to spur some questions so I will try and answer them below. The answers may sound harsh so I'm going to start with some warm fuzzes first ( read first paragraph) DAQs Q - I like to do my own warm up and or strength and then join class for the WOD. A - That's fine do it before class starts then do the class warm up, strength and WOD. Warm ups are not only for getting ready for the session but also a good place to work on skills and help organize class. Even though people might not say so to you they say so to me. Zero coaches or athletes appreciate people doing their own thing and joining late-even the run WOD. Harsh but true. If you don't feel like the class warm ups and skill sessions are the best for you then please contact me, I will listen, I care what you have to say and I will improve it. It's a community we are all responsible to make it better. On time every time, we can do it. Q - I get stuck in traffic, at work, on the phone , blah,blah,blah.... A. - I get it there are things that can be more urgent than class. Sometimes that 4 AM appointment runs long and you can't be ready to go at 5AM. There are later class options that may help. Use the the extra time to do extra credit,some work toward your goals or ask the coach to just join in. Yes joining in late will mean doing a few burpees but again you were late. This doesn't mean your a horrible person or we hate you it just means you were late and need to do a few burpees. Our job is to enforce standards to help you get better. Meet the standard. Q - I was ready and the coach wasn't do I do burpees? A. Nope they do, call them out. Q - I started class on time but now its skill/WOD time and I have to ask my friend for advice, put on my magic shoes,pee,take a selfie, can't figure out how to modify it and that all delays class. A - Once we are started we have work to do and we like to keep it moving. We operate really efficiently. Moving at that pace ensures we can get more work done and helps keep the pace of class high. Listen when the coach explains everything and start to take note of how you typically modify things, but most importantly ask the coach. Do not look to your friend for help, ask the coaches that is what they are there for. no matter how busy they look it is their job, you have a right to ask. There job is to keep you safe, keep class moving and make sure everyone has a good time. This is not your friends job. Coaches coach,athletes athlete. When we started all of this we couldn't find any equipment companies that gave a shit what we wore, now there is a neverending line of new and old companies selling us stuff specifically for this or that. Oly shoes are great, so are nanos and met cons and running shoes and pumps just pick a pair before the class starts and rock that shit. We all get some pre WOD jitters but if the WOD takes you longer than you can hold a nervous pee you are doing it wrong. The same goes for  setting up your equipment, be efficient. Lets not hold up class because you can't decide what weight to use or how to scale. Ask the coach they can handle it quickly. If you are reading this blog and going to our gym chances are pretty good you are a successful person. You didn't get to this point with out holding yourself to some standards. Maybe being on time was part of that success and this isn't going to be a big deal, cool. Maybe not and this is going to be a challenge. Don't worry you are up to it. This all starts tonight at the 4:30 class. For those of you that think it is ironic that a post about a gym wide punctuality challenge gets posted four classes late don't worry I'll do 40 burpees for being late.