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July 6th Activities

The task of being awesome is a lot harder than being average and that's why so many people fall short.  The FC Foundation to Support The Awesome July 6th, 2013  at 1:00 PM we will be kicking off the first official fundraiser for the FC  Foundation to Support the Awesome.  What is The FCFSA? Over the years we have proven a pretty powerful group of people when it comes to moving stuff, having a good time, raising funds and generally being and spreading Awesome. In an attempt to better organize and focus our efforts the FCFSA will hold events and fundraisers to raise funds to support what we think is awesome ( this is not just about CrossFit). This will include many of the charities we have given to in the past along with some exciting new adventures. Myself and our board will be very excited to discuss all this with you but in the name of focus and organization I'm going to stick to the immediate task at hand ( take that HS principal that said I could never focus long enough to amount to anything, good thing I quit spending so much time working out and coaching cuz thats just not a real job, by the way how is your rehab & lime green leisure suit doing)

0Ryan & Shellie have made it to the CrossFit Games . To have one individual go to the games is pretty awesome but to have two, well its double awesome and we want t show them our support. Please register here for the event this Saturday at 1PM.Bring yourself and a partner or just come ready to make a friend. We will do a partner WOD  and then our usual (Grillin & Chillin) post WOD awesome stuff and double awesome stuff ( t-shirts,raffles, door prizes).

Surround yourself with awesome, confident, positive and optimistic people who will encourage you to stretch, grow and achieve. The more positive energy you have around you, the more positive your world will be.