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Jodi Giles

Featured Athlete

Jodi-GilesAge: 35 Hometown: Wheelersburg, OH Occupation: Supplier Quality Specialist How long have you done CrossFit: 1 year, 4 months What do you LOVE seeing on the whiteboard when you get to Fit Club? Why? I like the "annie" workout or a hero workout. Im quick so Annie is my thing. And a hero workout always pushes me because it is a tribute. I love that. We all begin at the beginning. In what ways have you impressed or surprised yourself since starting at Fit Club? Being able to squat my body weight was a goal of mine that I achieved during the winter challenge. You recently participated in (and won!) the FC Winter Challenge. Can you describe that experience? The challenge was an experience in self motivation and dedication for me. It is a commitment to fitness that is for sure. I stuck to the plan and saw the results. I would encourage everyone to do it! I learned SO much about myself and how my body reacts to food. Favorite Mitch-ism "UnF@$k your squat" Has Fit Club changed your life? How? Absolutely. It is a community of outstanding people that will always offer help. I have met people at FitClub that I know will be my friend for life. All the while, I am continuing to better my health. Its a win-win! What has Fit Club/CrossFit taught you about yourself? To not under-estimate myself and put some weight on the bar! Oh, and I pee while doing double unders. Jodi-Giles-2What motivates you to push yourself further? That I can rest when its over. How many times a week do you workout? How do you find/make the time? 4-5 times a week. I make the time by making it a priority. What's the most extreme thing you've done to avoid missing a WOD? Crossing four lanes of traffic to make my exit or taking PTO. What advice would you give to someone curious about or just starting CrossFit? Come check it out. Talk to people, do the research. Its a great place, but you need to see for yourself. Tell us something really cool about yourself: I am an undiscovered YouTube video star