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"It's like Pilates"

In September of 2008 I was teaching a "It's kinda like CrossFit but its not really CrossFit" Class in a dance studio. We couldn't call it CrossFit because well, it wasn't and the term wouldn't have meant anything to anyone anyway. So somebody told a friend to try out a new class in a dance studio " it's like Pilates." I was a little confused and started to give her directions to a Pilates studio. There isn't a real relevant point to this I was just looking at old journal notes. No, this isn't the WOD we did then( that wouldn't even register on your exercise radar now). After we get done working on Clean and Jerks we'll get into the WOD. Moderate weight sled pulls and dumbbell push presses. If technique is the biggest thing in your way during a WOD this one is for you. Elite sled pullers should aim for 160/115 on the sled and move in 100m unbroken sets (at least for round 1), Rxed athletes should move 135/95 with a few more breaks permitted.  Modified Athletes ( still taking naming suggestions) can bump down to 90/60 and 150m. Ex & Rx Athletes can handle the same dumbbells but the Ex should not break sets. Mx Athletes can use 35/25 with small breaks if needed. If your looking for Pilates we just can't help you. We may do some of it in the warm up or cool down but we do crossfit and we can actually call it that because we have earned it through a lot of hard work pursuing of excellence in human movement and an unwavering belief that you are capable of more than you think. And when you pursue that, the word gets better.