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How did the last few weeks focusing on eccentric strength ( the negative) treat you? A lot of muscular soreness or DOMS ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)  is attributed to the eccentric component. Every wonder why jumping pull ups make your biceps and lats so sore. Your legs do all the concentric work while your biceps do the majority of the eccentric. This means your biceps do twice as much work with about 1/4 the muscle. Cool to a point but it's also a great way to get rhabdo and not really get any better at pull ups. Anyhow for the next few weeks we are going to be focusing on the Isometric phase of movement. Isometric- This is the phase where the weight stops before it changes direction. The hole of the squat, at the shin in the Romanian deadlift and at the chest on bench press. In athletics, fitness and life the capacity to absorb force, stop it and return it is very valuable and underrated. This week we are going to start holding the mid point of our lifts for a 4 second count. Let's take the back squat as an example. Un rack the bar and lower into the bottom position in a 2 count. Now stay down in the bottom position for a full 4 Mississippies. Get ready now fire up as fast as possible. Really focus on generating as much force as possible. The weight is kinda heavy at 80% but it would be great if you drove so hard out of the bottom that your heels popped up at the top. Yah, that would be sooo great. Now comes the kicker. Directly after each set of back squats there is a small circuit of movement to complete. For example after your 4th back squat rep, rack the bar then perform 4 split jumps ( jumping lunges) then 2 power snatches and 2 hurdle hops or vertical jumps. Make sure to perform the jumps as high as possible and move the snatch as fast as possible each rep.  This is crossfitted up version of a method called contrast training. Set up will take a bit bit its going to be worth it once you have all that power. Mmmm power production.