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I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring.- David Bowie

We have finished up one segment of our pre- Open strength program. So this week we will be mixing it up during skill phase of class. Today we are going to be working on farmers carries. We will use dumbbells ( 35-100), kettlebells ( 35-88) barbells (???) and wheel barrow ( ???<) ,  to find a weight that is heavy but just doable for 50 feet. Farmers Walks  are great a great safe way to build total body strength. They don't require anything fancy and are about tone of the most useful functional movements one can do ( pick up a heavy thing and carry it). You also look very badass while doing it. After we get all your badass new profile pics we'll move on to the WOD a two part 6 min AMRAP of all the things you love. Heavy  thrusters and swings and moderate deadlifts and hand stand push ups. With both the thrusters and Swings pick the heaviest weight you can move for a round or two unbroken then push yourself a little harder in the later rounds to keep it that way. You will get some rest so don't rest during the work portion. The deadlift should be just over 50% 1 rm. You can go a little heavier but not if it will slow you down. The Rxed deficit is 45 lb plates, if you can go lower do so. We will steadily working toward a thumbs to shoulders standard. You may kipp the Rxed range of motion but you may NOT kipp a modified ROM movement. We will scale based on your abilities.