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I didn't fail the test i just found 100 ways to do it wrong- Ben Franklin

This was the second WOD of the first FC Summer Games. The weights are what they are because that's what we had, it was all we had ( we had a few more sandbags but that turned out to be a really bad idea). The reps aren't very high but at the time 30 DU's was crazy talk. For a real throwback effect start with a box (24'/20). You should have a buddy make it out of scrap wood. If you're not concerned it will collapse and amputate your leg from the shin down you are doing it totally wrong. Go get some thumb tacks and particle board and take some chances. Now jump on it 30 times. Next do 30 push ups, release at the bottom and top (just try and worm that shit). Follow with 30 SDLHP ,I know, I know but don't worry they won't kill you. If your arms get ripped off your doing something wrong, maybe you should just do a kettlebell swing  or an evil hammer ( this is on old broken dumbbell we used to swing, this is extremely dangerous and you could die like that one guy so be careful). 30 whole thrusters with the same bar and then , are you ready 30 double unders. You can't use a fancy rope either they did not exist. You have to use a splintered piece of wire or plastic from 8th grade gym. The lack of fear of equipment failure is making the current crop of competitors soft. Fear stimulates growth. don't be afraid to grow a little the sport you're about to create depends on it. Lastly, run out past that tree and back then grab this rope. It's attached to this plastic barrel we filled with sand. Now pull it to the tree and come back. Be careful the ropes could cut off the circulation to your hands and/or remove armpit skin. If you don't have an old toxic chemical container with sand in it your can use one of these