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"I am the one thing in life I can control."

If you did Murph yesterday, congratulations and nice job. Your inclination may be to rest and let those quads recover in a nice epsom salt bath with a glass of wine. Fight that urge (the bath and wine are fine) and get to the gym today to help those legs recover. This is a good follow up to what is a difficult hero WOD. We're taking some time today to work on a bit of Oly, and some deadlifting from the blocks. Your WOD is a 10 minute EMOM of heavy clean and jerks, followed by 20 reps for time at about 65% of the heaviest weight you were able to hit today (today being the important word there). If your legs are tired from Murph you're automatically going to want to power that bar above your head without dipping underneath it in your jerk, Fight that. The deadlifts will be performed from 2-45# plates. These elevated pulls will help you to build speed in the deadlift. You're starting your pull from 3 inches off the ground, so your shins will be more vertical at your set up than when pulling from the ground. Control your first rep back down to the ground and go for a second, trying to set a 2 rep max.