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Yes it's icy and cold outside and the roads are full of people who think they just landed on moon, but you can still make it to the gym. If we have to close we will put it up here and every other media outlet we have. Pre WOD we will be working on the snatch and it's many positions. We like to do this during regular classes but the best place to work on your lifts ( Snatch , Clean & Jerk) is during our scheduled Olympic lifting sessions. Consistent, dedicated work on these lifts is the best way to progress all your barbell skills. Increased capacity at these lifts will improve your CrossFit performance  more than any other skill practice or acquisition. And when the open askes you for a 1 RM Snatch you will already have done the work necessary to  perform to the best of your abilities. Todays WOD is a 16 min AMRAP with some dumbbells, push ups and rope climbs. Small sets so keep them unbroken and the breaks small. The dumbbell should be the same weight for both movements. The OHS can be difficult with a dumbbell it is the one piece that could slow you down, just stick with it. If you cannot perform the movement sub with some lunges. Alternate on each rep for the push ups.