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How much yah press?

Until the 1972 Olympics the Press was contested along with the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. The reason for it's removal was that the lift became too difficult to judge/standards were too hard to enforce. The lift started looking more like a standing leaning back bench press and form degraded. With out any drive with their legs athletes were pressing over 500# (nobody currently on earth can do that). This is horrible for your spine but 500 lbs overhead with only half your body is impressive none the less never mind the fact that they had to clean it first. Based on accepted ratios for comparing the two lifts a balanced, trained athlete with a 500 lb press could bench over 700, not bad for someone who can also snatch. Prior to 1972  the overhead press or simply the press was the common measure for overall strength. Then came the bench press. It was easy to teach/judge and the everyday guy could lift more weight, so in meat head logic that is better. The bench press is a very valuable lift but in terms of overall strength and stability it is no overhead press. Both are important but the press ( it is better and doesn't need a positional qualifier) does a better job of developing the anterior and posterior part of the shoulder. taken a step further pressing with one or two dumbbells adds a new degree of difficulty and develops more stability in the shoulder.  But thats only part of the equation. If you want to be able to press you better be able to pull. It's best to maintain a 2-3:1 pull to push ratio. This can get tricky to compare with max lifts so we primarily use reps. Today we'll be doing sets of 5 press mixed with 10- ring rows, you'll also get some pulling in the WOD. Note that it is a sprint not run in the WOD, only a few more nice days of running in the park left. Take advantage and open it up. The squat cleans will make continued sprinting a bit difficult but you will be ok. Try your best to actually do a db hang squat clean and not just a curl and sit. Picking a heavier weight can help facilitate this as if you can't curl it you won't. The round finishes with a gymnastic pulling complex of pull ups and bar muscle ups ( or your mod). Do these in one set. Extra credit. No, we aren't going to publish this everyday just giving you a feel but it is on the board or you can ask a coach for your special snowflake version. You are all unique and special just like everyone else.


10- DB Snatch-70/50


see that ratio repeating itself again.