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How much yah bench?

There is a lot of value to knowing how to grab something, squeeze really hard and push. Bench Press teaches that better than just about anything we do. After warm up we will spend some time doing some max effort bench press. We will be doing singles, experienced pressers can right up to the heaviest weight they can handle with good form ( no winging) for one heavy rep. less experienced pressers should back off to a weight they are comfortable with for a few reps and focus on developing proper pressing mechanics. Squeeze the bar tight, activate your lats and upper back, pull the bar to your chest and press as fast as you can. After all the pressing is done we will finish with some accessory work of ring rows and dips   The wod isn't anything fancy. DO NOT try and figure out how to pace it. It's just swinging and jumping as fast as you can. Yes you will hit the wall, thats when you catch your breath, Not before. It is important to go to this point regularly to push your limits. For some it will be :40 and other 2:00 but you will hit it and if you do, it will be a little further out next time. These are two simple movement, no skills in the way to slow you down, just hammer down and go. Take small breaks and keep going it is only ten minutes. Yes, they are American.