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How do we stop getting in our own way?

I found this great article by Maddie Berky over at recently.

“When we are constantly acting out of a state of panic, of course we will always turn away from the threat of change and growth. But what we don’t realize is that panic is temporary.”

This resonates in the most brutal of ways for me. Just as our physical body protects us from harm, our brain is CONSTANTLY trying to protect us; throwing up red flags and warning signals to stop us from doing something that may seem dangerous or threatening. And what does it consider threatening exactly? For many of us it’s new experiences and new pathways.

We’re wired to thing that something new can have its potential downfalls. “Oh I’d better not try a new way of eating because I might get the same results so I’ll just stop at McDonalds on the way home again.” We’re scared of what we think we might find out by branching out. But why? Is fear such a ridiculously powerful influence on our lives that we give it the power to stop us in our tracks over and over again?

I hear it every day, at least 2 times a day: “I’m so afraid to try Boot Camp/On Ramp/Crossfit.” So many people so full of fear! My challenge to you is to name why.

Name it.

That’s great advice I received recently. I think you’ll find that finding the real root of your fear will be strangely calming.

“I’m afraid of trying a new fitness program.”


“Because it looks scary.”


“Because I’m afraid I’ll be asked to do something I can’t do.”

HA! There are the beginnings of naming the problem right there. “I’m afraid I’ll be asked to something that I can’t do” is a pretty scary thought.

But let me share something important with you: if you start a new fitness program and the coach asks you to do something that will harm you, stretch you TOO far out of your limits at that moment in time, or just plain make you freak the fuck out, IT’S NOT THE RIGHT PROGRAM FOR YOU.  Good coaches will ALWAYS provide options for scaling that will still get you results that you deserve.

Now, this is just one example of how we can let fear get in our way and what it looks like to name the problem. In the article quoted above, Maddie urges us to let fear sit around for a bit. Our first response is panic, and we let that panic set in and convince us to stay stagnant. But what happens if you let the fear sink in for a moment, and then, with some help, NAME it? We need fear to protect us; it’s a given for humans. But what if we train ourselves to manipulate it to HELP us rather than just marinating in it?

Think of something you’ve been afraid of doing recently, and try to name the root of the fear. Then let it go.

I challenge you to challenge your fear by signing up for Fit Club Boot Camp.

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Be fearless.

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