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Glove up, Brah. We're hittin' the bar.

In response to the age-old gym rat question of "how much you bench press, Jabroni?", I say "Idk, Brosephine, but I'm 'bout to press it 100 times.".  Dear sweet god is this WOD gonna be awesome.  Pair the best cardio possible (You stay seated.  The entire time.  In your little boat.  The person going faster than you is still in the same spot next to you in their own little sweaty boat. Damn, I love rowing.) with the only lift that is pretty much a blanket and bedtime story away from being nap time and boom- happy Friday, everyone.  As long as you don't stop and get all 100 presses in one go, you're pretty much rowing to your own private island and chilling on your cabana lounger.  And that's not hard, right?  Right?
PS- Blog as my witness, if one of you assholes actually gets 100 in one go, Rx, with witnesses:  Post that shit to facebook and I will personally buy you a bottle of rum and a Tiki mug.