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Right now, I'm listening to a track of crickets chirping slowed down like 1000x and it sounds like a choir of angels singing in angel language, and it sounds like how light beams and hugs feel and how hot fudge sundae milkshakes taste. Basically this soundtrack is epically appropriate for me writing about this workout. Thrusters and box jumps were the two things I was really good at right away when I started Crossfit - thanks basketball for the #ups and booty gains. So when I see them in a workout, I'm reminded of humble beginnings. Prescribed weight for thrusters is pretty tough, but I'd try to breathe and take 'em easy and knock out at least the first two rounds unbroken. It's a pretty short workout, and the box jumps are standard height, so take your rests in the form of slowing down, creating efficient body movements and of controlling the rhythm of the breath. There's something so beautiful about a simple WOD. No tricks or skills to hold you (me) back. Just you (me), that box, that barbell and hopefully some gangsta rap and not the Jitterbug or whatever that 80s stuff was the other day. JK thats shit was awesome. Mitch is a Deejayical genius! Gabby