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FC Team Week Updates, AMRAP90 Epic Cheat Meal

So far so good, we have had a great week with lots of PRs, hard work and fun. You have until Sunday at 8PM to log all your scores. Just read the rules add up all your points and send me a simple email with the day(s) and point total. If you send me an email that says I did X how many points is it I'm deleting it. Please keep it simple. If you missed a max lift day (BS,BP,DL, C&J or Snatch) you can still make it up Sunday from 12-2 just have a coach watch. If you grab one of our lifting coaches I'm pretty sure they can get you a PR in an hour. Names and T Shirts The winners of the team name,t shirt and Epic Cheat Meal will be determined by a Couple of coaches completely willing to accept bribes, kickbacks and favors highly ethical peer reviewed panel from the nations leading research institution AMRAP 90 Min Epic Cheat Meal The first time we did this it was a solo project and though it was on a small scale it was destined to be the most well known cheat meal in the world So I would expect nothing less now that you can team up. Here are the rules. Starting at bite/drink one you have 90 minutes to consume the most epic cheat meal in history.  Define Epic you say. Well epicness is a bit like porn you know it when you see it. Ex A) Cheat Meal- Eating a big fat greazy cheeseburger Ex A1)More Epic Cheat Meal Eating a big fat greazy cheeseburger while skydiving Ex A2)More Epic Cheat Meal- Eating two big fat greazy cheeseburgers, 4 beers,a pizza, wings, fries and milk shake Lo que es mas epico? That depends on the pictures, height of skydiving,greasiness or burgers and amount coach bribes  scientific data. In either case your shame needs to be chronicled with pictures on Facebook. Failure to do so will result in a pointless night of shame and regret. Any questions should be sent via email to