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FC Team Week - Day 1 Update

Team Week started today with PR and Volunteer Bonus points available at the FC Barbell Weightlifting Meet. A complete list of Teams, Division Scores, Points/Rules  and people who need friends can be found here  If you can't read the sheet it's because you don't know how to operate a spreadsheet, google could be a good partner. If you don't have a partner yet you can find one on your own or use the list to find someone. When/if you have someone please confirm with me via email by the end of the day Monday. We will pair anyone left on the list at the end of the day. Points,Points, Points Reporting points is easy, look at the list, count them up every few days and send me an email. You can send them daily or just send them all by Sunday at 8 PM. Please format all point e-mails as follows: Subject: Team Week Points Sunday - 2 PRs, 5Bonus,5 Volunteer = Total 12 Monday- 1- Sleep,1 WOD,2 PR,1 Extra Credit Block = Total 5 Women's Division Wonder Twins - 12 Pt JV B- 5 Men's Division Technique is for the weak- 5 its Coed Division Ted & Robin - 5 pts Super Teams Wonder Twins-Stoney Bush - 12 Pts   There are still lots of opportunities. Team Names are due by Monday Team T-Shirt/Uniforms are due by end of Team WOD on Saturday AMRAP90 min-Cheat is due by Sunday at 8PM. Pictures are required Bonus points for Team Names, T Shirts/Uniforms,AMRAP90 Cheat Meal and others will be voted on by coaches and posted through out the week. We will try to post scores as they come in as well as daily updates via the blog or the much anticipated FC Update show. Hers how the current leader board looks.