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FC Summer Games 5

  1186065_290068171135967_628176817_n FC Summer Games 5- August 16th & 17th, 2014 Saturday August 16th will include up to 5 scored events to be held in The Scioto Audubon Metro Park. All athletes will compete in Saturdays activities. The top athletes will be invited to compete in the final events on Sunday August 17th. Saturday will not have winners only survivors. Event winners will be determined on Sunday.               Sunday's Location is TBA. What are the events? We don't do that. For the past four years we have created programming that was challenging, fun and accessible to a wide range of athletes from regional and games level to beginner. We will share those events with you in this blog along with more event info in the weeks to come. Who should compete? You! Our event is good challenge for experienced, advanced and beginning athletes. We will not have a separate division for open, scaled or elite. There are only two divisions Men's & Women's ( pick it and prove it). Scaling is an option and we welcome athletes of all abilities and stage of their development but we ask that you take registration and training seriously. This is a fun challenging event. Make sure you take the time to focus and train a little harder, do some extra work on your suck list and get your mind right we're gonna push you to do some pretty tough shit. The coolest part of this whole event is the people. Hundreds of cool people you have never met are gonna scream and cheer you on to do some really awesome stuff. These people are the athletes, spectators and volunteers that make up the FC Summer Games Community. Whether you choose to compete or volunteer you can register here. Volunteering is free but you'll have to pay to compete. The competition fills up fast so do it now. Stay tuned for more information on schedule,events and activities on the event. Athletes Register here now! Volunteers Register here now!