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FC Run WOD starts today!

Don't worry you didn't miss anything. The Run WOD officially starts next Monday. Here is how the summer is going to go: Mondays at 5:30 starting Next Monday May 2nd the FC Run WOD will meet every Monday at the Gym. The WOD will meet through out the summer and into the fall  weather and attendance permitted. We will post the Run WOD here along with the regular daily FC Main WOD. The FC Run WOD will consist of running skills,drills and warm ups and conclude with a running work out  comprised primarily of running and maybe some other body weight drills. Come dressed prepared to run and wear a watch if you have it we will be doing some pacing work and a watch will help you learn and stay on pace Like todays WOD Thursdays throughout the summer the FC Main WOD will feature running. This will be the second running WOD of the week. You can do this WOD at any regularly scheduled class. This Saturday April 30 at 8:30 8:00am a small group of people will be meeting in the FC parking lot to run a summer test in 5K in the park. You will not get a t shirt but you can get an opening test in time and see how you improve through out the season. Stay tuned for more information on other FC Run WOD events through out the summer.